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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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like summer. just ahead, we'll tell you how long the warm weather will be with us. it is just about 4:30. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> yeah, the back to school outfits may include shorts and short sleeves today. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with the first alert forecast. it's not too bad out there now. >> it's muggy and a steamier day than yesterday. at this hour, the temperatures falling. we're seeing 60s and 70s to start w but we're heading into the 90s this afternoon. your hour by hour forecast with clear skies, we're set for lots of sunshine. 72 degrees at 6:00. upper 70s by 9:00. at lunch time, we'll be close to 90 degrees. humidity building as well. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is back in ten minutes. now let's get your traffic. jessica boyington in the traffic center. >> bill, we're on 95 right now right through a work zone that is actually inactive. we do see that we have that right hand shoulder headed southbound taken out right.
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there but all lanes are still open. the southbound drive times are doing okay. we have a 13-minute trip to the expressway. no problems there. out on the pa turnpike, if you're heading out the door, no problems. everything is green and moving along. 22 minutes at the most. eastbound from route 1 up towards valley forge. we're going to head to new jersey. watch out for a water main break at route 130 southbound. that is taking out the right hand lane. we'll check in with mass transit. tracy? >> new from overnight, a fire ripped through a home in north philly. firefighters were called around 2:15 this morning. everyone made it out of the home safely. happening today, tens of thousands of students across our area go back to school, first day of school. >> can you believe summer is over? well, it goes by fast. >> the new school year means a fresh start and a chance to start learning again. but there is also plenty of uncertainty across the state this year.
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nbc 10s katy zachry is live in northeast philadelphia to explain. katie? >> yeah, chris and tracy, the first day of school often brings nervous energy and some jitters for students. but this year i'm hearing that parents and even teachers are anxious as well. that's because the school year this 2015, 2016 school year is beginning without a state budget being passed. the deadline to approve a budget for the current fiscal year was june 30th. to his critics, governor tom wolf said he had the budgets proposal in by march. the concern is without a concrete funding figure from the state, the school district of philadelphia and districts throughout the state will not know yet if it can afford certain programs, activities, and even teacher salaries. >> i'm concerned that budget is late for teachers. but i would be even more concerned if i had signed that budget on june 30th. it really doesn't do as much as i think has to be done for education. >> a lot of parents are weighing
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in on this issue, especially in the philadelphia school district because as you'll remember over the last few years the district has gone without so many things, activities, intermural sports and they had to make some faculty cuts as well. that's a concerning among parents. you'll hear from them in 25 minutes. reporting live in north philadelphia, katy zachry. >> as katie mentioned, pennsylvania's budget battles having an infect on other school districts around the state. the chester up land school district in delaware county has been hit particularly hard. the cash track district doesn't have money for this week's round of paychecks. teachers, bus drivers and secretaries return to school last week and they voted unanimously to keep working without pay so it's not impacting the students. pennsylvania has been operating without a budget now for 69 days. as time passes, some counties are dipping into cash reserves to front the money while nonprofits are taking out loans putting off services or postponing bills to stay afloat. the gop-controlled senate will be back in session a week from
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today. and republicans say they will pass a stopgap budget plan if they can't come to an agreement with governor wolf. one of the goals is to get money to counties and nonprofit organizations that deliver the state's safety net services. governor wolf says the new budget needs to invest in education, something he says the gop proposal did not include. >> 4:34 now. police have identified the two people who were hit and killed by a taxi after leaving the made many america festival. they were hit while crossing broad street near art and center city yesterday morning. the impact sent their bodies flying about 100 feet. witnesses told police that the cab appeared to be going about 50 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. so far though, police have not filed charges. >> in delaware, a suspected drug dealer was arrested after he tried to run from police holding his infant daughter. henry is charged with child
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endangerment and possession of a controlled substance. look at his mug shot. officers approached him yesterday. police say he ran off while holding his baby. when they did catch up to him, they found 92 bags of heroin along with other drugs. the child wasn't hurt and family services have been notified. 4:35. we're following a developing story out of south jersey. a forest fire in manchester township may keep burning for a while. the fire is burning in a remote area near the burlington county line. it broke out yesterday afternoon and has burned almost 1,000 acres so far. now there's no threat to any property at this point. and firefighters say it could take a couple more days to get it under control there. >> it's 4:35. the dentist who shot and killed cecil the lion expected to be back on the job today. >> yeah this morning we're hearing what he says he didn't know about the lion. and if you think labor day means end at the jersey shore, nope. learn all about one town that is
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. getting ready for a hot one today. steamier than yesterday. the temperatures will be climbing into the 90s today. heat wave is upon us. it's not going to last or break later in the week. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms that will be moving in. moving out the door right now, 70s for northeast philadelphia. mt. pocono is at 68 degrees. yes, skies are clear at the shore. you'll see plenty of sunshine there today. into the 80s this afternoon. we're not seeing a lot of yet is fog. visibility has come down a little bit. tomz river, light fog at four mile visibility. no issue at this time for
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delaware and south jersey. the temperatures are still falling. it is muggier this morning. there's a chance we'll see some scattered fog. but then sunshine takes over. the satellite is already clear. no sign of clouds. it will be a quick warmup today. into the upper 80s for mt. pocono. look at the 90s for allentown or reading. doylestown with sunshine, up to 91 degrees. 80s for rehoboth and cape mae and atlantic city. brilliant sunshine during the day. definitely going to be hotter inland. very low 90s for west chester. 94 for drexel hill. i'll show you when the heat breaks with the seven day when i'm back in ten. >> looking forward to. that all right. 20 minutes until 5:00. let's get a check the roadways. maybe you have to drive home from the shore or just hit the road to work. >> our first alert traffic reporter is watching all of the roads no matter where you're traveling, especially lit
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boulevards. >> yes, right now we're doing okay. no problems or delays. no road work or incidents to report. no problem right now. if you're heading out the door in lower merriman, watch out for traffic on graze lane. mass transit, we have no problems or delays. coming up in the next few minutes, we're going to check in with some roads to see if you have to head home, what your drive is like. >> first, the pope made ground breaking announcements about abortion. now it's divorces. >> we'll tell what you the pope is expected to say today about catholic couples that call it quits. and summer fun at the shore doesn't have to end now that we're past labor day. hear about events happening in several shore towns.
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a major way in how couples get annulmentsn a few hours at the vatican, religious leaders will explain the change that's pope frances is making to make it easier to get a marriage annulled. the church doesn't recognize divorce. instead, they have to be annulled which is a lengthy and costly process, meaning the marriage was never valid acco according to the church. the situation of divorce and remarried catholics who want to fully participate in the church is a highly debated topic. construction wrapping up at sat patrick's cathedral in new york city just before the pope arrived. the restoration project was going on for thee nouree years. inside crews are repairing stained glass windows. the massive bronze doors of the entrance much happening today, your chance to seat pope. 10,000 free tickets for pope frances' appearance on independence hall will be given away. ahead at 5:30, how you can get
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your hands on the free tickets. be sure to tap the nbc app for the full eye continue air yilt we'll have details on traffic changes and events during the world meeting of families and the papal visit. it's all over on our nbc 10 app. >> the dentist accused of killing cecil lion is going back to work today. we told you yesterday that dentist came out of hiding. he hunted and killed the beloved lion in zimbabwe in july. last sunday or late sunday, i should say, palmer finally talked to the media. he spoke with the minneapolis "star tribune" and the associated press. >> people have seen pictures of him, the den sift with the bright white smile all over the internet. we never saw that smile once. it was just a very serious business like expression the entire time. >> and in that interview, he said that he would not have
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killed cecil if he knew the lion had a name, that the lion was celebrated and beloved. he has not been charged with a crime but there are petitions to have him extradited to zimbabwe. people have made death threats against him and his family. >> cocaine disguised as printer ink. authorities in mexico and colombia say they seized more than two tons of the drug. police in boeing that found part of the 48 box shipment and alerted counterparts. they were able to confiscate a shipment sent on an earlier flight. investigators are not saying on which airline the cargo shipment was stashed. more than 1.5 tons of marijuana was seized in bolivia over the weekend. the drugs are found in a tractor-trailer that was headed to chile and argentina. four people were arrested. now this is a wild story here. a british man and his wife are accusing a hospital in el salvador of switching their
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newborn babies with another one on purpose. the couple believes their baby may have been swapped and sold to traffickers because of his fair skin. they filed a lawsuit against the doctor who helped deliver the newborn. they made a desperate plea for their baby to be returned. >> someone has taken him from us. and we want him back. and it's a horrible situation for me, for her, for my family, her family. >> the couple decided to have a dna test done after they returned to the u.s. and noticed that their baby didn't really resemble either of them. authorities in el salvador are investigating. 4:46. today philadelphia's state penitentiary will place gargoyles on the building's facade to mark the start of halloween season. they're getting ready to host e terror behind the walls. it is surrounded by 30 foot high
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walls aren't prison. visitors will experience two ground breaking new attractions including something called breakout. that means that inmates will vounld you at every turn as you try to escape. good luck with that. proceeds go to fund the national historic land mark. in washington state, a museum worker is on the mend after he was bit by a ten foot long python. the snake is the museum's most popular resident. yesterday stella wasn't feeling very well. and she bit an employee then wrapped herself around his leg. emergency crew has to wait for stella to unlatch before they could check the wound. the worker was taken to the hospital. no serious injuries. scary thing there. well, it's back to reality for a lot of families with the start of school today. >> a lot of them are just getting back from a long waekd at the shore which i hope everyone enjoyed. what a weekend it was. it was a hot summer with five heat waves and number six could become official tomorrow.
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many people expect to continue to go to the shore through september. for, some the shore will be the escape from all the crowds coming to see the pope in two weeks. >> and here's another way to xenld yo extend your summer. wild wood is hoefgt a series of events through the end of october. which begins on thursday with a roar to the shore motorcycle rally and then friday's kickoff with the mummers. >> 12 minutes before 5:00. we're in the 70s right now. it is a steamier day. it's going to be a hot and humid afternoon. back in the 90s. hotter than yesterday. completely clear. looking across the delaware, that's a live view from the adventure aquarium. 79% humidity. wind out of the southwest at 8 miles an hour. we're at 74 now. the sun is not up just yet. we'll see bright sunshine for south philadelphia. another ball game tonight.
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it's going to be a hotter night tonight and muggier one with phillies and braves. to start with, 87 degrees at game time with sunshine. and mugginess will be building into the 10:00 hour. it's going to be warm and 80 degrees. during the day to day, sunshine. and no sign of any rain for today. but tomorrow we could see the first of these and then they become even more likely on thursday. but not today. you'll need sun glasses to day. sunny skies, hot and humid. look at the temperatures. low to mid 9 o's this afternoon. a steamier day tomorrow. won't be quite as hot. back in the 90s for day three. this late day shower and thunderstorms might hold off into the evening hours. on wednesday and then they're going to be more wild spread on thursday. that's going bring our temperatures back into the 80s for highs thursday afternoon and 86 degrees. scattered showers into friday morning. then should see clearing friday afternoon. looks like a decent day saturday with partly sunny skies.
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and the chance for some scattered showers on sunday and cooler, high of 79 degrees on sunday. clearing out for monday. looks like a nice one. up to 81. >> all right, bill, thanks. ten minutes before 5:00. usually very quiet on the roads right now. except if you're coming back from the shore. >> yeah. >> hope things are smooth for you. we're checking out the 42 freeway with jessica boyington. how are things looking? >> right around the atlantic city expressway. maybe you took an extra day heading home. right here is where we enter the express way. these are cars leaving the area headed northbound towards the walt whitman bridge. you can see the drive time if you're still headed into philadelphia. a five minute trip if from 55. route 9 and gart den take the parkway, you can see there are no problems. there all the lanes moving and green. the drive times in the
4:51 am
philadelphia area, we're still doing okay so far this morning. no problems yet on 95. the schuylkill or the blue line. >> okay. here's one way to beat the heat. happening today, things are going to get a little icy in the old wells fargo center. a live look at the arena where later today they're going to start making the ice in preparation for the upcoming flyers season. now it takes a whole day to do that. it's not easy. fans are invited to come out and watch the positive ses from 10:00 until 2:00. 10,000 gallons of water will be used to make the ice on at rena floor there. pretty cool. the phillies season hit a new low last night. only 15,125 souls turned out for the game against the braves. that is the fewest fans since the park opened. the phillies recorded their 85th loss of the season last night falling to the braves. the phillies will play the next nine games at home. maybe attendance will pick up
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slightly. everyone is excited about this though. a lot of fans headed to local high school football stadiums soon. here's how you can vote for our high school football game of the week. this week's choices, garnett valley at bonner-prendie, "land as camden. to cast your vote, go online or call or text your vote. we'll announce the winners thursday night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. happening today, the start of a brand new school year for many students. students across the region and in the city of philadelphia are heading back to classes today. next at 5:00 a.m., excitement and changes for tens of thousands of kids. and you know labor day is typically a big day for campaigning. or is it? joe biden was in pennsylvania speaking with steel workers. next, what he said, plus the latest poll numbers.
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more than 100 labor unions participated in a parade. it's the 28th year. they aim to recognize union workers. stand by for economic study news happening to dament rowan university will release a new report that credits itself as the driving force behind the growing economy. over the past decade, rowan's economic impact has increased from about $17 million in 2004 to more than $108 million today. the report found that in glassborough alone, they support more than 1,000 external jobs and that rowan is helping raise property values in three surrounding communities. five minutes before 5:00. turning now to decision 2016. labor day was the unofficial kickoff of the fall campaign season. yesterday all eyes were on vice president joe biden who may or may not be running for president. hillary clinton was in iowa
4:56 am
where she's been losing ground in the polls and losing her voice. but the real heat on labor day with in new hampshire where bernie sanders is surging. republican front-runner donald trump was out the spotlight yesterday. >> the political world is waiting for vice president joe bide tone decide if he's going to enter the race for president. mr. biden spent labor day with steel workers union in pittsbur pittsburgh. he didn't give any hints on whether he will run. instead, he blasted policies that he says favor wall street over wage earners. >> i'm hot, i acknowledge that. i'm mad. i'm angry. because the people i grew up with -- >> even though the vice president hasn't declared he's running, he is now more popular in a new poll than hillary clinton. according to an nbc news poll in the general election in iowa, biden beats out trump with a 4%
4:57 am
lead. clinton lost to trump in that same poll. federal contractors are now required to give their workers paid sick leave. president obama signed an executive order yesterday in boston. the president told the crowd there that he wants congress to require paid sick leave for all workers. since he can't mandate that on his own, he focused on employees of federal contractors. something the city of philadelphia did recently as well. now to an incredible find overseas. >> an elaborate series of stone monuments believed to have been hidden for thousands of years not far from the same site of stonehen stonehenge. had shows the giant arrangement with hundreds of stones. it stretches nearly a mile in a c shape. now this is an animation because all of this is underground. again, located less than two miles from stonehenge which is
4:58 am
likely built for the same purpose. archaeologists have made hundreds of additional discoveries around stonehenge but none this big. >> they've been coming to this landscape for the last 400 years. this is the furst time that we ever really gotten a clue that there are a whole series of stones there. that is extraordinary. >> it's a new discovery prompting more questions about one of the world's greatest sites. >> it looks like farmland and then what they discovered underneath it. abc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> battling a brush fire. crews work through the night to get the upper hand on a fire burning in part of south jersey. we'll tell you how long officials believe it may take to get this one under control. and back to school without a budget. we're live to explain what students in philadelphia can expect on the first day of
4:59 am
class. plus, financial challenges facing schools in pennsylvania. and school may be back in session, but summer weather is still in the forecast. it is 73 degrees right now as we take a live look at boat house row. we're tracking more stormy temperatures for later today. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the temperatures with bill henley. bill? >> it's going to be a hot and humid afternoon. the temperatures are already warmer. we have 60s and low 70s. 73 in northeast philadelphia. atlantic city, at the airport is 71 degrees. south philadelphia, 74. and right along the delaware river trail, it's 73 degrees. it's a warmer start. it's going to be hotter afternoon. humidity building and so will the heat. 72 degrees at 6:00. upper 70s at 9:00. and by lunch time, near 90 degrees. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. show you how warm it's going to get where you live. right now jessica boyington has
5:00 am
your first alert traffic. >> things are still moving along on the schuylkill. we have that 12 minute drive time if you're headed westbound right in here. blue route, average speed is 50 miles per hour. if you're in lower marion, mill creek road, watch out for an accident scene there. on 422, we haven't seen an increase in the drive times yet. we're still doing great. eight minutes headed eastbound to the schuylkill expressway. i sigh no problem there. coming up in the next ten minutes, there's a water main break in new jersey. i'll tell you where. tracy? >> well, if you notice a lot of extra traffic on your ride to work this morning, speaking of traffic, that's because school's back in session. >> you'll notice a lot of extra traffic. students ais krot area will go back to class. in pennsylvania they're doing so with the question of school funding still up in the air. we have live team coverage of the first day of school and the challenges facing teachers,


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